This train's pulling out of the station
Where I arrived years ago
And I'm looking forward to not looking back
But it won't be easy I know
So if you see me dreaming
Please wake me from the deep
Till I stop thinking about her
I don't think that I should sleep

Now you probably don't want to know this
But I've been a fool for so long
This kind of thing keeps on happening to me
And still I keep getting it wrong
But if you hear me sighing
Please kick me in the knee
Till I stop thinking about her
I don't want your sympathy

It happened to be
That you sat next to me
So I hate putting you on the spot
But if you don't mind this
I'll take all the kindness you've got
And you've got...

And if you're inclined you can tell me
A similar tale about you
Then we can fight over who's been hurt worse
The winner buys dinner for two
But if you catch me smiling
Don't take it seriously
Cause I'm still thinking about her
And crying inside you see
Till I stop thinking about her
I just want some company...