Bob Skon Trio

Bob Skon - guitar
Matt Steward - percussion

Trent Collier - bass

Fusing a singer / songwriter style with a healthy dose of folk-rock and a touch of jazz, the Trio delivers sweet and lively melodies and tight harmonies wrapped around intelligent, well-crafted lyrics that capture those moments in life we can all identify with. Anchored by Bob's warm voice and Matt Steward's unique percussion, performances include original songs along with interpretations of beloved covers by artists including Paul Simon, Bob Dylan, Elvis (Presley and Costello), The Beatles, The Band, Talking Heads, Lyle Lovett, and others.


Bob Skon

Bob is a singer, songwriter and guitarist. His career of over 45 years has taken him from coast to coast to Ann Arbor, Michigan where he now calls home. Bob performs as a solo act, with the Bob Skon Trio, and with The Kerfuffles.

Trent Collier

Trent is a singer/songwriter and writer living in Ann Arbor, Michigan. He also writes and performs music for children with The Kerfuffles.

"I once saw Bill Nye the Science Guy in an airport gift shop. Before that, I played with a scrappy little band called the Exception."

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